It could be a man or a book hero. However, it is a little coffeeshop in Keramikos area. Τhe film follows the everyday routine of the people who have their morning coffee at the coffeeshop. This everyday ritual unravels on the tables, in the cups, the backgammon, the conversation and the sound of silence. During two weeks of filming, this everyday routine is being depicting at the screen and we see the people become familiar with the camera, which ends up being nothing more than an observer. The film was produced at the Department of Communication and Media (University of Athens) within the context of the module “Film and Documentary Production” during winter semester 2016-2017 (taught by Maria Komninou and Nikos Myrtou).

Despoina Kalogianni

Despoina Kalogianni is a current student of the Communication and Media studies at the University of Athens. Her fascination lays with the fusion of anthropology and film. Particularly, her area of interest is their capacity of generating narratives that uncover under-represented perspectives.