Looking for a Treasure in the Backyard

Fortin Soledad is a town deeply scarred by war. An intense green landscape, grieving and labyrinthine, lives side by side with gold and death. The town ends where the desolate swamp begins. Walter Mereles looks in hidden places for the many treasures buried during the War of the Triple Alliance (1865-1870). His search is marked by the existence of the white light, an old legend that takes on different bodies and lives in the memory of the inhabitants. While investigating this myth, Mereles constructs with diverse characters his own fantasy about the much wished-for gold burials. Along the way Mereles blurs the boundaries between people and characters, reality and fantasy, register and representation.

Felipe Rugeles

Born in Colombia, Felipe Rugeles is a filmmaker. He has participated as assistant director and sound assistant in many films. He has directed short fiction and documentaries films in Argentina and Colombia. Ηe is currently working on his next documentary “Doble Yo”.

Soledad Torres Aguero

Born in Argentina, Soledad Torres Aguero is an anthropologist, photographer and documentary producer. Since 2004, she has co-directed many documentaries. She works with indigenous people in the north of Argentina experimenting with participative video methologies, and does visual research. She co-directs an audiovisual project named “Trajectories” which aims to create a public archive of Latin-American anthropologists.