Long Life Sutra

Kathmandu, Nepal. Six months before a devastating earthquake, we see animals and humans hemmed in by the cityscape. On the same streets hundreds of thousands of sacrifices are made to the Gods with the approach of the religious festival of Dashain. The sacrificial flow of blood is halted at the National History Museum who “educate” the populace of the animal kingdom. While in a Buddhist monastery, a monk recites the Long Life Sutra to goats purposefully saved from the sacrificial knife. It is a prayer that will help the animals achieve a higher, human rebirth in the next life and ultimately liberation from samsara.

Kostas Chritis

Kostas Chritis studied psychology at the University of Crete and works as a graphic designer. Using mixed analogue and digital media to create his visuals, his art projects include the book Ophthalmology, a primitive hieroglyphic parade of imaginary sacred mythology, and the Super 8mm short film “Atenas” sponsored by the Goethe Institute in Athens. He is co-founder and responsible for the visual identity of Echovolt Records, an independent record company based in Athens that specialise in vinyl presses.