Living Room

More than a decade after the decision to knock down the Aylesbury Estate as part of an urban regeneration project, some of the residents are still living there. Suspended in uncertainty and worry, they refuse to leave until they receive a fair deal for their homes or a suitable replacement. In Living Room, we are invited into the home of a Cypriot couple who narrate their life on the estate. Amidst the difficulties of a long working life, they have created a much loved and cared for environment. One they do not want to leave.

Caterina Sartori

Caterina Sartori has a background in anthropology and is currently writing-up and editing her PhD in Visual Anthropology (Goldsmiths, University of London). Her research focuses on issues of housing, urban change, displacement and gentrification in London. She is Film Officer at the Royal Anthropological Institute and she manages the RAI Film Festival anthropology/ethnography/archaeology