Lives in the Malls

Alice and Beatrice, two friends, both female employees in a shopping center, going through a crucial time in their lives. In the world of commerce, the 24/7 business model was firmly established following the liberalization of opening hours of shops; the new labor contracts no longer provide the distinction between working days and holidays, altering the balance between life and work. The documentary arises from the need to show the transformation of the familiar world starting from a reflection on the work of women in shopping centers, a constant presence in the urban periphery and resource employment for young jobseekers.

Nicola Zambelli

Nicola Zambelli is graduated in Hermeneutic Philosophy and works as photographer and documentary filmmaker. His first documentary (“Tomorrow’s Land – how we tear down the invisibile wall”, 2011) was awarded with many prizes and screened worldwide. Vite al Centro is his second feature documentary. He is currently working on other three feature documentaries.

Fabio Ferrero

Fabio Ferrero a Philosophy graduate and works as producer and theatrical plays’ author. He recently produced “Rada” (2014) and “A bitter story” (2017) and he is working on his first feature documentary (“Cowboy Makedonski”) together with Nicola Zambelli.