Life Sinks Three Times, Rises Seven and Nine Times Floats Adrift…

She had made a beautiful marriage, then she was repudiated and her child was torn away from her. She remained alone the rest of her life, taken in the storm of Vietnam History.This woman was my grandmother and she died three years ago.
As tradition wants it, rather than to leave bodies in a soiled environment, we went to dig her bones out to clean them and then take them to her native village. As we dig her bones out, I also dig out images I made from her when we met, when I was 28.

Xuân-Lan Guyot

After studying Cinema history and aesthetics at Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, Xuân-Lan GUYOT participates to a documentary directing workshop at Ateliers Varan in 2002. There, she directs her first doc: “Paris – Sao Vicente, 0 Km.” about love – but also self esteem – that the expatriate Third World sends to their family who stayed in the Home Country.