Lessons from the Tiger

This short ethnographic documentary explores the lives of girls attending Fior di Loto, free school in Pushkar, Rajasthan India in the summer of 2010. Girls, remain at a disadvantage in rural and smaller cities, as their education is often viewed as an unnecessary expense. Girls are often married between 12-18years old, and thus their education is seen as little value to their future lives as mothers and wives. But what does an eduction provide? This short film shows us how education provides a space for the period of adolescents associated with self-esteem, imagination and hope for the future.

Ife Olatunji

Ife Olatunji is a visual anthropologist specializing in ethnographic documentary films with a focus on youth and cultural arts. For more than 5 years Ife has made everything from music videos, short fiction and documentary film to even a photography book, exploring the complex realities of women and children in the diaspora.