What does the term gentrification mean, outside its strict formal definition? Can we simply say, there are those who benefit and those who are threatened by it, or is it more complex? Through four different stories of inhabitants from Koukaki, a central neighbourhood in Athens that is currently under an extreme gentrification process, the film tries to examine and unfold the subtle shades that form the bigger image. Common ground in all their narratives plays “the Airbnb explosion”, that prevails the area. The documentary is an attempt to approach the subject through the locals’ perspective, by following their thoughts and (dis-)agreements, with gentrification always being apparent without being shown, so that these people’s stories and views speak for themselves.


Zilan Dalgic

Zilan Dalgic studied Political Science at the University of Hamburg and is currently studying on her master’s in international law. Her research interest is the intersection of International Politics and International Law, with a research focus on Human rights and International Humanitarian Law.

Ismini Gatou

Ismini Gatou is a Ph.D Candidate in the field of Locative Media and Spatial Narrative (University of the Aegean). She holds a M.Sc. in Cultural Informatics —at the same university— and a MA in Cultural Management (Panteion University). She is a graduate of Communication and Media Department (University of Athens). In her research and practice she focuses on the combinational approach of urban walking, mapping and oral narratives with ethnographic research and new media technologies.

Anni Valajärvi

Anni Valajärvi is a student of Anthropology at the University of Helsinki.