Island of Dreams

Were we to imagine a queer elderly home, what would it be like? Can fantasy and imagination be a fruitful way to approach materiality? In this movie, we are asking our close circle of friends for an imaginary description of a queer elderly home. Our idea was to engage with queer people in Athens, Greece, in order to reflect together upon aging fantasies through speculative fiction, by imagining, that is, living conditions and expectations while growing older in a collective housing project. This fantasy of coexistence in a communal setting emerged out of the desire to determine our own lives on the one hand and out of the necessity to take care of the people in our communities, who are often brought to despair, poverty and loneliness within the conservative, capitalist and crisis-stricken Greek society on the other. These axes, of desire and of necessity, can be visualised as the extreme poles delimiting our imagined space.