Housing Problems

The film is a propaganda piece but at the same time an optimistic view for one of the most important and serious problems at the time in Britain, the accommodation. General shots upon of slum terraces, close-ups to the worst points of the area, the opinion of the local authorities, interviews with the people about the housing conditions and behind all these the new model, the new buildings, the new situation that it should be the example. For the first time ordinary people talk straight to the camera about their lives. A new and innovated method for the documentary is being born.
Danny Birchall

Arthur Elton

Arthur Elton was born in 1906 and he was one of the pioneers of the British Documentary Movement. Educated in Cambridge and after he started to work as a scriptwriter in England and in Germany. In 1931 he was recruited into the Empire Marketing Board Film Unit and he started to produce and direct many films for the next two decades.

Edgar H. Anstey

Edgar H. Anstey was born in 1907 and he was educated at Birkbeck College. He spent a few years as civil servant before starting producing documentaries and working under the direction of John Grierson.