Golden Scars

The film presents an intimate portrait of the realities facing young musicians in Cuba, offering an exclusive look into the unique stories of two young rappers born in Santiago de Cuba. They are neither blood brothers, nor the best friends in the world. What they have in common is a passion for an expressive urban culture that gives voice to their most powerful impulses. Going beyond issues of politics and revolution, the artists share with us their passion and the roots of their musical inspiration. Their spiritual strength as well as fierce convictions drive them to pursue their odyssey despite the tensions and personal struggles with which they are confronted. The film immerses us in the embodied rhythms animating these artists.

Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier

Completed her PhD in Social Anthropology with Visual Media at the University of Manchester and at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology in 2008. She conducts fieldwork in Cuba since the year 2000 on issues of music, youth, and cultural policies. As part of her second postdoctoral fellowship at York University, Université Laval and the CÉLAT, she explores the idea of Afro-Cuban audio-visual representation among young male and female rappers from Santiago de Cuba.