Ghost’s Stories

“Ghosts’ Stories: Discussions with Tanzanian Albinos and Their Advocates” describes myths surrounding albinism in Tanzania and how these cultural ideas lead to discrimination, violence, rape, and murder. It includes a discussion with Mariamu and Peri, attack survivors who had their arms cut off, Vicky Ntetema, a BBC reporter who uncovered the murders and violence, Mary, a victim of rape, Martha, a Tanzanian albino who started a nonprofit to support her fellow albinos, and several other Tanzanian albinos and their advocates. The film discusses issues of discrimination in the workplace and at school, health issues and violence, and allows these remarkable individuals to share their feelings toward their attackers and others who have harmed them. They assert their place as valued human beings and plead for peace and understanding.

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall obtained a BA in English and a Master’s of Public Administration, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Global Health at Arizona State University. She has worked in administrative positions at several nonprofit organizations in locations such as Ghana, Kenya, Congo, Thailand, Mexico, and Tanzania