Fournoi, A Female Society

An explorer conducts anthropological research on the island of Fournoi in Ikaria. Without a set questionnaire, as usual in Alida Dimitriou’s films, she observes their lives, their occupation and their daily conversations. Through the filmic description, which resembles fieldwork, the Fournoi society is vividly evoked, along with its memories and sorrows. Behind this façade, however, certain basic structural principles are revealed: the allocation of work, the relations between the sexes etc. What we see in the whole of the Aegean is, once again, verified, i.e the woman’s place in this area is much better than in the rest of continental Greece. It is no coincidence that the women who played an important part in the 1821 Revolution, were sea captains.

Alida Dimitriou

Alida Dimitriou was born in Athens in 1933 and studied film directing at Stavrakos School. Parallel to organising film screenings between 1970 and 1975, she took part in short film seminars, and wrote and translated in film magazines. She is authored the book “Short Films Filmography” (1939-1979)””, and she published the “Short Films Lexicon” in 1992. She directed more than 50 documentaries. In 2008 she won the Audience Award of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival for the film “Birds in the Mire”. Her trilogy, “Birds in the Mire”, “Life on the Rocks” and “The Girls of the Rain”, which was greatly loved by the audiences of the Thessaloniki Film Festival, highlighted the feistiness and strength of the female soul via personal accounts and evidence.