Every Day is Not a Feast Day

Every Day is Not a Feast Day is a chronicle of the daily life in Ano Ravenia, a mountain village in Greece. Although the village appears to be virtually self-sufficient, the truth is that its economical, social, and family life depends on the outer world to a great extent. Like many mountain villages, Ano Ravenia, has been progressively deserted by it most active population. The film shows the painful transformation from the holiday feasts and the temporary return of those who have left to live elsewhere to the monotony and calm of daily life. Without any commentary, the film respects the daily pace of the villagers.

Colette Piault

Colette Piault, born in Paris, received a doctorate at the Sorbonne in 1963. She has conducted fieldwork in West Africa, France and Greece. Her first film, Albertine et Dorcas, was shot in the Ivory Coast in 1966 while simultaneously working on a different ethnographic project under the direction of Jean Rouch. She started to work in a village in Epirus (Greece) in 1974 and shot in 16mm a series of six films (Greek original version, subtitled in French or English) about aspects of migration from the point of view of the deserted village, trying to carefully observe the pace of the events and daily life rather than to restructure them through a commentary or other devices. Piault is presently honorary Director of Research at CNRS (Paris, France). In order to make foreign anthropological films better known in France, in 1985 she created the French Association for Visual Anthropology (SFAV), of which she is still President. She has published several papers in French and English about her field work and visual anthropology.