Epirus, this mountainous region of Northwestern Greece, is deeply marked by the migration of its inhabitants. The narrative axis of the documentary is a folk song from Epirus. It speaks about the returning of a migrant after many years of absense. His wife seeks identification marks in order to trust him. Through an imaginative journey in the place at different eras, the stranger will come back to customs, festivities and their songs, daily life with joys and sorrows, and will remember them as they used to be. His memories are filmed in black and white, just as memory becomes over time, while everything he encounters today is in color film. He remembers the grandmother’s fairy tales, the fairy of the river, the village blacksmith, the old shepherd. The main theme of the documentary is the narration of events and customs as they are stored in memory and as they are taking place today in Epirus.

Stratos Stasinos

He was born in 1945 in Grammenitsa, Arta, and died in 2009. He studied animation and film at Ecole CTF Gobelins, in Paris. Among his interests was drawing, animation, film directing and teaching. He was a founding member of the European Cartoon Union (CARTOON) and a member of its first administrative board. He participated in all CARTOON events held in different countries each year. He organized as art director the International Animation Week in Athens (1985), as part of the Athens European Capital of Culture. In the period 2004-2007 he was a radio producer on the Third Program of Greek Broadcasting Corporation.