(Dis) location – Sampa

Examining how geography is devised, organized and constantly transformed based on socio-economic factors, this documentary film is about dislocations and displacements in the once chic, architecturally imposing and residentially populated “historic center” of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2010. The film maps the daily ritual of three workers in this historic location, while encompassing the complex myriad of economic systems that co-exist, define and transform the center’s geographic space. It also captures the flux of population density and dispersion that is controlled by the 9-5 work week when the diurnal cycle of this South American metropolis’ centre is flooded by a cross section of workers representing various local and global economies, from high-powered multinationals to illegal migrant street vendors, during the workday, and then emptied of its working population by night, the homeless inhabiting its streets, where many of the abandoned buildings provide places to rest their heads.

Sarah Shamash

Born in Vancouver in 1977, Sarah Shamash completed a BA in Film Production from the University of British Colombia. She moved to Paris in 2001, where she lived, worked and studied for five years. Completing a Master’s in Cinema, then a second Master’s in Fine Arts from Paris VIII, University of Saint Denis, she began exhibiting her work in art venues and film festivals internationally. She now lives and works in Toronto.