City Play

During childhood, every child goes through a process of discovery in which they make sense of themselves and the world around using their experience and imagination. This film is a journey shown in two screens contrasting the different roles children can take in the city and later how those roles transform as they grow up. It also explores the different interpretations and desires towards everyday life that children have in the city, revealing how in play the child learns to adapt to culture while acquiring tools to recreate and reinvent society. The film, shot in Cairo, seeks to portray the different ways children have of playing the city, experimenting with the thin line that distinguishes play from reality by aiming to create a simulated real-size city scenario for children to learn about the mechanisms of a city, imagining their ideal city and their role in society.

Paloma Yáñez Serrano

In Manchester, Paloma Yáñez Serrano co-founded the Other Collective formed by young European independent filmmakers making a number of short film productions and winning the European Parliament award of the Europe at Heart competition 2014. She’s planning to found Big Tree Productions, an emerging production company focusing on participatory creative projects. She has filmed and produced a documentary about young Congolese musicians living in one of the most violent and deprived areas of Congo. Now, she is preparing for three more projects in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.