From singular to plural, from a father to his son, from a factory to laid-off workers, cadences are different from those of the fathers’ work or the sons’ music. Le Havre in the 1990s: decadence lies in the job market, outrageousness comes from techno music, free parties materialize in every deserted place. “Cadences” tells the story of the son of a steel worker who has decided not to follow his father’s path but rather to embrace the clandestine techno movement called ‘Free Parties’. This film, which was made in the frame, intention and context of socio-anthropological research, is an example of the emerging field in France of Filmic-Sociology.

Alexandra Tilman

Alexandra Tilman is a doctor in Sociology. She has taught cinema and sociology at university for the past six years and has directed four documentaries. Her film “Cadences”, made in the frame of her PhD research, has been screened in film festivals, scientific congresses, universities, and public spaces.