The filmmaker tells his personal story towards defining freedom, a concept that is still obscure for over four million Palestinians living under the Israeli occupation. The story projects a surrealistic approach to showcase Northern Cyprus as an example to realize how simple surroundings can always connect Palestinians to the confinement of their reality. It is mainly a projection of an intense yearning for circumventing the constraints of occupation and breaking the manacles. Articulating this embedded desire for claiming a sense of freedom for Palestinians is akin to finding the missing piece in the puzzle of freedom, as Nelson Mandela once said: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

Ahmad Albakri

Ahmad Albakri studied Filmmaking in Jordan, and got his MA in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design in Cyprus. He worked for several international organizations in Jerusalem and made several short documentaries in Palestine and Jordan. He recently directed three documentaries for Aljazeera documentary channel in Jordan and Turkey.