On March 16, 2010, prior to violent clashes in Bangkok that left at least 91 dead, countless injured, and the city in flames, Thailand’s red-shirt political party staged a controversial protest of blood to put a supernatural curse on the country’s current government.Focusing on the events of this one gruesome day, the film unveils extensive recordings of protest songs, poems, chants, speeches, curses, marches and actions. Constructed entirely from observed material, the film examines both the culture of the protest and the media frenzy surrounding the event, and in doing so reflects on issues of propaganda, social inequality, and exploitation.

Ryan White

Born in Big Sur, California, Ryan White is a Canadian-American filmmaker whose award-winning documentaries have screened around the world. He spent four years in Hanoi, Vietnam working as Film Advisor for the World Wildlife Fund’s Greater Mekong Program, then relocated to Bangkok, Thailand, where he produced and directed two documentary features, Camp Unity (2010) and Mondo Banana (2013). Other documentary credits include producing The Organic Life (2013) and associate producing Out Run (2016) and Pray Away (2019). He has just completed his third feature, Dirt McComber: Last of the Mohicans (2017), a documentary about a Mohawk family in Quebec.