Biographies of Struggle

“Biographies of Struggle” is a documentary analysing the longest steelworkers strike in Italy since the last labour unrest wave of the 80s. The Terni ThyssenKrupp factory threatened by 550 job cuts and a partial closure is the framework where 11 participants express their discordant thoughts and opinions about the on-going 7 months dispute and 45-days- long strike. Drawing on their biographies and work experiences, the protagonists depict a fragmented portrait of one of the oldest Italian working class communities, while defending the local labour from the multinational’s capitalistic profit logic. The film combines the participants’ footage and the anthropologist’s participant observation in order to create a visual representation of the workers’ community, their rituals and “passages” during the unfolding dispute aimed to defend their jobs, while questioning their working history and constructed identities.

Matteo Saltalippi

Matteo Saltalippi was born in 1982 in Perugia (Italy). He is a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths University of London and filmmaker. His works focus on art, labour and Visual Anthropology.

Greca Campus

Greca Campus was born in 1983 in Terni (Italy). Ηe is a freelance director, and camera operator. Since 2006, she focuses in projects dedicated to her two favourites genres: live music and social documentary.