Beneath the Tide

Against a backdrop usually seen on a holiday brochure, “Beneath the Tide” takes us straight into the rich lives of real people in the exotic land of Zanzibar. Pivotal to their story lies a plant usually overlooked… seaweed. Wanu, a fun loving woman in a coastal village in Zanzibar, Dr Flower, a respected local marine biologist and Klaartje, a business woman from the Netherlands are all connected by this precious ‘weed’ and their reality is filled with more conflict than you would think. The film goes behind the surface of this tropical paradise to bring us a story about women empowerment, and seaweed.

Katerina Zoula

Katerina Zoula started her career as a production assistant in several news channels in Europe and the Middle East. After nearly ten years working in TV, she decided to follow her true passion for documentary filmmaking. In 2009 she graduated from Brunel University, where she completed a Masters in Documentary Practices. Her final year project, “The Village that Whistles”, was screened in a multitude of festivals from Greece, to Estonia and even New Caledonia.