Before the Wave

Τhis lyrical short documentary featuring a captivating community of indigenous stateless Moken sea nomads who live off the coast of Burma and Thailand. Today living as a ragtag community of ocean-frolicking outliers, the vibrant community fully survived the Boxing Day Tsunami ten years ago. This poetic film explores their disappearing aquatic lifestyle and shifting spirituality largely due to Christian missionaries who arrived to “save” the Moken after the fatal wave. The film’s intimate moments induce awe, as well as reflections about broader contemporary issues like globalisation, modern-day religiosity, and our fragile environment. The film carries the audience away to some magical place, where certainty and hope melt with the burning sun, yet never fully cease.

Molly Willows

Molly Willows is a young Canadian filmmaker and multi-disciplinary media arts professional. She has worked and studied in Germany, Canada, Ireland, Thailand, and Peru. Additionally, Molly works as a producer at an international production company with studios in São Paulo and Toronto and she is also the co-founder of a symposium for women in media storytelling called Ladies Lugging Gear.