Among the Living

Death. The ultimate frontier, the final incognito, the most visceral fear. Since the beginning of time, humanity has been wondering, questioning and most importantly dealing with the unbearably abstract nature of this concept. Set in the First Cemetery of Athens, following the Greek Orthodox ritual from the ceremony to the burial, from the exhumation to the ossuary, this movie takes the perspective of the workers in that contributes to its physical manifestation. Walking the subtle line between production and consumption, eternal and ephemeral, extraordinary and mundane, Among the living uses an anthropological, deeply sensorial approach to question perception, perspectives and meaning making processes, while quietly celebrating the vibrancy of life around death.

Konstantina Koultouki

Konstantina Koultouki is an undergraduate student in Social Anthropology Department at Panteion University. She has participated in an exchange programme for one semester in Sofia. She has attended several seminars on violence and gender studies.

Sofia Panagiotakou

Sofia Panagiotakou has a Bachelor in Social Anthropology, Panteion University of Greece and she does her hand-on experience at a research program. She has attended seminars about gender and sexualities.

Valentina Massone

Valentina Massone is a recent graduate in Visual Anthropology from University of Tromsø. Quite the restless traveller, she is passionate about people, films and cats.