Across The Sea

Cape Korakas, on the island of Lesbos, faces the Turkish coastline. Each day, thousands of migrants land on its shores and walk to the village of Kleio, first step of their European journey. The arrival and passage of ” those from the other side” have shaken up the village and its people, many of whom are, themselves, descendants of refugees from Asia Minor. Between rejection and identification with today’s exiles, these stories intertwine and give place to multiple games of mirrors.


Cinemakhia is a collective of eight Greek and French people willing to give another perspective on the question of exile. The name Cinemakhia, is made of Greek words « cinema » and « symakhia » (alliance). It sums up the objective of the collective, showing that it is possible to create a movie on a horizontal way, gathering the wills, desires and abilities of each. Coming from various studies as sociology, anthropology, psychology, history or even economy, members of Cinemakhia do not belong all to the world of documentary movies. This collective energy and the plurality of approaches demonstrate that other ways to collaborate are possible. (