A Woman’s Story

A look at genocide, survival, and physical and cultural continuity through the eyes of three women who have experienced three different genocides of the 20th century. Shot on location in Canada, Poland, Bangladesh and Rwanda, “A Woman’s Story” features three strong women who are connected by the thread of survival. Each one becomes aware of the story of the other and they become more determined to continue their essential duty. By putting women at the front and center of the narrative and transcending their victimization, this film highlights their resilience and survival.

Azra Rashid

Azra Rashid is a Montreal-based filmmaker and PhD candidate and has over six years of experience working as a journalist. She has worked on numerous documentaries on social justice issues and her films have been screened at film festivals in Canada and in the US. Azra’s documentary film on forced marriages has been incorporated in the curriculum by the Toronto District School Board in Canada.