A Life Suspended

In 2005, Shimul left his rural village in Bangladesh for Athens. Soon after he arrived, however, Greece was hit by the economic crisis, and opportunities for work disappeared. The actual situation of being an overseas worker in Greece was very different to what he imagined in Bangladesh. Eight years have already passed. In his village, the woman he promised to marry is waiting. Despite his dreams of success, Shimul is struggling in his life abroad. Where will his life go in future? How do his families in the village regard his situation? This ethnographic film shows a young overseas migrant from the perspectives of both his situation in Athens and that of his family in rural Bangladesh.

Kazuyo Minamide

Born in 1975 in Japan, she is a lecturer of St. Andrew’s University in Japan. She has conducted anthropological fieldwork in Bangladeshi rural society since 2000. “”A Life Suspended”” was screened at the 13th Dhaka International Film Festival in January 2014. She is now teaching Visual Anthropology and Filmmaking in Japan.