A Letter to Mohamed

Filmed during the first year after the «Tunisian Revolution» the film is a poetic journey through a troubled country. Between revolution and a new political system, between dictatorship and first elections, between order and chaos emerges a landscape of disillusion, but also humor and hope. “A Letter to Mohamed” is a compilation of fragments about the aftermath of a revolution, intercut with a letter about the personal impressions of the filmmaker’s journey.

Christine Moderbacher

Christine Moderbacher (born 1982) studied Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna/Austria, followed by a training in media education. She worked as a social worker and media trainer with young migrants in Vienna and Brussels. She conducted a Master in Ethnographic Documentary at the Granada Centre of Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester, England, where she graduated with the film “”Männer in Orange/ Men at work”” in October 2010. Currently she is working on a new documentary film about the Tunisian Revolution.