Sam Liebmann

Sam Liebman is a director, editor and videographer for documentaries and advocacy films for international NGOs and independent production companies. He has worked in areas of high social conflict, post-conflict and political instability, including Palestine and Israel, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal and Sierra Leone. He lived in Rocinha for 6 months in 2009 where he also volunteered running filmmaking workshops with a local Women’s Rights NGO. Sam directed his first documentary, Voices Across The Wall, in 2007, about life in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, officially selected for the London International Documentary Festival 2009 and We The People 2014. He is currently co-directing a Sundance-funded documentary for Met Film Productions about land laws in Sierra Leone and is directing a Witness documentary about gender equality, also in Sierra Leone. In 2017, he completed an MA in Israeli Studies at University of London SOAS.