While You Live, Shine

American musicologist Chris King is a legend, the most obsessive collector of old 78 records alive, and also the only one who can use modern technology to unlock their sonic secrets & remaster them for a 21st century audience. For years, he’s lived in a world of nostalgia, listening to music from a distant past. But his discovery of the music of Epirus in northern Greece changed his life. Because the old 78s he first fell in love with, containing a barbaric and raw folk music that he believes connects us with our most ancient ancestors, is still being played today in the mountains of Epirus. Travelling there, Chris began to break out of his prison of nostalgia and started to find a home for himself, for the first time in his life. While You Live, Shine is both an introduction to some of the most hypnotic & beautiful music you’ve never heard, an immersive trip into an isolated & half-forgotten land, and a portrait of a man who has belatedly found his spiritual home on the other side of the world.

Paul Duane

Paul Duane has been making films, both drama and documentary, for twenty years. In January 2014 he was the only director with two films on Variety’s annual 10 Directors to Watch list. He produced the 2015 IFTA-award-winning feature documentary In A House That Ceased To Be, and his Grierson & IFTA nominated feature documentary Barbaric Genius was called “enthralling-four stars” by the Guardian’ s Peter Bradshaw, while his documentary on rockabilly bankrobber Jerry McGill, Very Extremely Dangerous, was called “a riveting ride to the wrong side of the tracks” by the Sunday Times.