Water Church

The water flows and breaks holy molds; it transforms a defined space into an inter-religious temple of solace: welcome to the ‘Water Church’, a tiny Orthodox Christian church in Lemesos, Cyprus, widely known for its well. Filled with what is believed to be holy water, it has become a place for rituals and prayers mostly among Buddhist migrants. The church reflects the longings and desires of its worshipers and becomes a link between a Cypriot elderly lady who takes care of the church and a Buddhist migrant worker, who shares her personal story. Against the water’s backdrop, religions blend and create peculiar new formations that respond to the familiar and embrace the adopted.

Keti Papadima

Keti Papadima was born in 1988 in Limassol, Cyprus where she also grew up. She studied Fine Arts in Central Saint Martin’s College in London. During her university years she realized that her love for arts was mostly coming from her passion of representing the real. This led her to study further at London College of Communication, what she understands to be her mission, documentary film. She graduated in January 2012, she worked freelance in film and in January 2013 she landed in Intrepid Cinema, where she was involved in a feature documentary about to be released.