Valley of Sighs

Transnistria was still part of the Soviet Union when German and Romanian troops invaded in 1941. Along with many Jewish deportees, some 25,000 Roma were transported there from Romania. The prisoners were interred in appalling conditions, a massacre perpetrated in slow motion: half of the deportees starved or froze to death, if not killed by typhoid or acts of arbitrary violence first. The unimaginable scale of this atrocity is conveyed by “Valley of Sighs”, which interviews survivors (children at the time) and eye-witnesses from surrounding villages, and unearths military and police documents that plot the “progress” of the on-going genocide. The result is a multi-layered filmic monument to the victims of a little-known chapter of the Ηolocaust – and one that continues, in Romania, to be a taboo subject.

Mihai Andrei Leaha

Born in 1985, Mihai Andrei Leaha is a filmmaker and a PhD student in Philology at the European Studies Faculty of the Babes-Bolyai University, Romania, while also studying for his Master’s at the Media Studies Department of the same University. He is a founding member of the Orma Sodalitas Anthropologica Association and the director of Triba Film, an independent production company.

Andrei Crisan

Born in 1987 in Romania, he studied film at Babeş Bolyai University. He is the co-founder of Triba Film and has worked on numerous documentary and feature projects.

Iulia Elena Hossu

Born in 1979 in Romania, she graduated in anthropology and intercultural studies. She has worked at Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities (RIRNM) and is the co-founder of Triba Film.