Unity: Dress-scapes of Accra

Unity: Dress-scapes of Accra is an ethnographic film about African fashion in the capital of Ghana. While following Allan, a fashion designer, and his wife, Cynthia, this mosaic film shows the great diversity of tailor-made fashion and hybrid styles; the ways the African wear is used and the expression of culture by wearing the African prints. The film gives an interesting overview of dress-scapes in Accra, but also highlights beautiful details by focusing on a few participants who show the mixture of different materials, cuts and styles in a creative and free atmosphere. In this way the film is not only observational, it gives people space to tell their story and show their African pride.

Mara Lin Visser

Mara Lin Visser is a visual anthropologist and filmmaker based in Amsterdam. She did her BA in Media & Culture and she discovered filmmaking during the MA Visual Anthropology. The medium of film gives her the freedom to express herself and her thoughts on certain topics, making academic observations in a natural way. At the moment she is doing different academic and cultural projects with audiovisual media, commissioned or autonomously. Her interests are queer rights, participation society, material culture, fashion.