Songs of Memory, Songs of Loss

Set in a village in Puglia in the south of Italy, “Songs of Memory, Songs of Loss” is a auto-ethnography documenting the search of a young woman who, since her childhood, has been trying to understand her grandfather through the songs he sang as a prisoner during World War II. Now that her grandfather is suffering from dementia, these songs represent the only window into his otherwise clouded mind.

Erminia Colucci

Erminia Colucci’s fascination with cultures and the way these express themselves, runs through her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and her fieldwork in Australia, Italy, Indonesia, U.K., India, Philippines and Japan. Her films and photos have been shown in Italy, Australia, Uruguay, Canada, U.K. and The Netherlands. She is currently completing a Master in Ethnographic Documentary at the Granada Centre of Visual Anthropology (University of Manchester) with a photo/film-documentary series on human rights violations among the mentally ill.