Sifinja – The Iron Bride

This film is about mobility, human creativity and technology inside a Sudanese truck community. The English Bedford-Lorry was introduced to Sudan in the late 1960ies. Since then, local craftsmen technically modify the truck into an ideal vehicle, adequate for travelling off-road and for performing customer’s expectations. Following closely the daily work, art and history of truck rebuilding on the Nile, a fascinating way of African creativity dealing with global commodities- the automobiles- is opened up. The documentary weaves the original sound of hammering and sawing, drilling and riveting, into a rhythmic, exhilarating audio-visual adventure.

Valerie Haensch

Valerie Haensch was born in 1975 and graduated in Social Anthropology, Visual Anthropology and African Studies from University of Munich, Germany. In 2007 she started teaching Visual Anthropology at University of Bayreuth. This one is her forth film, a 12 months of field research film project in Northern Sudan. On May 2010 she won the award for the best film by German Filmmaker in the XXV Black International Cinema Berlin.