Documentary Roots depicts the daily life of elderly women living on their own in remote villages of Epirus. The documentary boasts influences from the Japenese Butoh dance, especially in terms of editing. A timeless cinematic approach built around the metaphysics of female existence, as it emerges out of the wilderness. Women, through their particular relationship with time, narrate inner dialogues and stories from the past, along with beloved song lyrics. They are the last living guardians of memory of those particular places.

Eliza Soroga

Eliza Soroga is a performing artist. She studied Cultural Studies (University of Athens) and Performance Making (Goldsmiths University of London). Heliza’s work deals with the representations of the “eerie” and the transformation of everyday life into visual art. She was honored with the first prize of contemporary art at the 11th Venice Arte Laguna Prize. In 2018 she presented the performance Roots at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. She is artistic director of Re-Inventing Public Spaces and a Visiting Professor at the dep. of Architecture & Design (University of East London). She is a member of the Geraldine Pilgrim Performance Company (UK) team and co-works with the Medea Electronique (GR) multimedia team.

Aigli Drakou

Aigli Drakou was born in Athens and studied photography and audiovisual arts at the Athens University of Aplied Sciences. After years of working as freelance photographer, teaching at the Photography Department of the Fine Arts School of Athens and having done many other creative works, she began to engage actively with filmmaking. Her creative time is shared between music, photography and filmmaking, which eventually gained her interest as a combination of all these means of expression. From 2014 onwards she started working in cinema. She has worked as an assistant camerawoman with many prominent photographers in film, documentary and advertising productions in Greece and abroad.