In the Devil’s Garden

The film situates the viewer within a makeshift space of an animal market in Algeria. Drifting between feeding and waiting, one attunes to the bodies of goats and camels, the oldest companions of Arab men. As we move deeper into the desert, the site turns into a sacrifice zone and reveals its dark geopolitical secrets. The sensory ethnography film will invite you to question the banality of displacement, confinement and exploitation in an out-of-sight territory.

Pavel Borecký

Pavel Borecký (Prague, 1986) is a social anthropologist and an audiovisual ethnographer. As a holder of MSc in Sustainable Development and MA in Social Anthropology, he completed various primary and applied research projects in the fields of ethnobotany (Peru), civic society building (Estonia) and urban development (Czech Republic – Anthropictures ). Pavel’s latest film Solaris has been presented at twenty festivals and conferences in Europe and abroad. Receiving Swiss Government scholarship, he currently investigates water-related inequalities in Jordan and experiments with filmmaking methods at the University of Bern. In his communal practice, Pavel curates film program EthnoKino and serves as the convenor of European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA).