Horror in the Andes

Horror in the Andes is a behind-the-scenes documentary that follows the process of making a horror movie in Ayacucho, Peru. Directed by audio-visual anthropologist Martha-Cecilia Dietrich, it explores how Andean filmmakers use the horror genre as a means to revive stories of a pre-colonial past. Appropriating a global cinematic language to tell local (hi)stories, our attention is drawn to contemporary social issues and the legacies of violent pasts. Infused with warmth and affection, Horror in the Andes pays testament to the craft of filmmaking and its community.

Martha-Cecilia Dietrich

Martha-Cecilia Dietrich is a lecturer, filmmaker and post-doctoral fellow at the University of Bern. She completed her PhD in Social Anthropology with Visual Media at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology in 2015. She is a researcher in residence at the Summer School at Futureworks School of Media in Manchester, where she specialises in participatory and collaborative filmmaking methods and editing support. Her research is situated in the fields of political anthropology, memory in post-conflict settings and filmmaking as research method.