Fragments: Failures in Ethnographic Filmmaking

The film was created during the Summer School “Visual Ethnography of Cityscapes”, organized by the Netherlands Institute of Athens. The film explores the uncertainty of doing ethnographic research. The two filmmakers portray a series of failures during their ethnographic fieldwork in the city of Athens. They move from one project to the other in the hope to find answers but instead they become more confused and fragmented. In their multiple efforts to reach their goal, they are confronted with the unreachable. The short film shows their journey of confusion and disappointment but at the same time reveals that failures in ethnographic research are not meant to be fatal but they are an essential part anthropological knowledge production.

Marijn Covers

Master Student in archaeology at the Leiden University. Currently finishing her thesis on the interrelation between Rights of Nature and the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples. During her internship on Collaborative Filmmaking in Anthropology and Heritage Studies, she became interested to further explore ethnographic research with audio-visual tools.

Alessandra Turchetti

Phd Candidate in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology at the University of Milan-Bicocca. She is working on an ethnographic research project on visual arts in contemporary Morocco. She is planning to primarily employ audio-visual methods in her work, combining aesthetic-oriented skills with academic ones.