Colored White

From the distant Punjab in the industrial district of Taurus the Sikhs, an Indian religious minority, keep their customs and traditions alive by means of their religious faith. Every Sunday the Cultural Association of Indians of Greece at 22 Tavrou Strret saturates with colors, music and flavors as the believers come together for their established religious gathering. The Sikhs, a god-fearing, hospitable and kind people, give us an idea of what is going on in this place, that is a simulation of the Golden temple, and invite us in the Sikhism’s world, a world that everyone is welcomed.

Ifigenia Beli

Ifigenia is a student in the Dep. of Communication and media of the National and Capodistrian University of Athens. Born and rised in Athens she has a particular interest in media and everything that is related to them, particularly ethnographic films.

Vassiliki Bura

Vassiliki is a journalism student. She left the city of Arta (Northern Greece) in order to realize her dreams. Since then she has been involved in communication and the media. Her last endeavor is to deal with ethnographic cinema.

Eleftheria Tsaliki

She is a student in the dep. of Communication and Media at the National and Capodistrian University of Athens. She was born in Venezuela and her origin is from Lesvos island. Her experiences have led her to discover cultural studies, ethnography and visual anthropology, since she thinks they are one of the more effective means in order to know better the unknown and the distant.