Being Anthropologist: the Happiness of the Masters

A documentary that explores, with an intimate gaze, the work of some of the pioneers of anthropology in Argentina. Through a series of interviews conducted in their homes, we discover the various forms of what it means to be anthropologist in Argentina. Their voices and gestures reveal the troubles and rewards of being anthropologists.

Soledad Torres Aguero

Born in Argentina, Soledad Torres Aguero is an anthropologist, photographer and documentary producer. Since 2004, she has co-directed many documentaries. She works with indigenous people in the north of Argentina experimenting with participative video methologies, and does visual research. She co-directs an audiovisual project named “Trajectories” which aims to create a public archive of Latin-American anthropologists.

Soledad Gesteira

Born in Argentina, Soledad Gesteira is an anthropologist. She worked for more than ten years at the renowned human rights NGO “”Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo””. Nowadays she is a PHD candidate in Anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires.