In recent years, Takis works as a taxi-driver, while during the old-good times he had a cinematographic company and later a clothing one. The bankrupt of his company due to the economic crisis brought a radical change in his life. Like many other destroyed professionals, he called on the freelancing job of taxi-driving. During a summer car ride in Athens of 2019, Takis guides us in places that are interwooven with his personal memories, concerns, and views, between the past and the present. Sketcing out the profile of a man, could we learn anything about the contemporary Greek society?

Annagrazia Graduato

Annagrazia Graduato studied linguistics and anthropology at the University of Montreal and worked in education in Canada and Ecuador, where she got in touch with immigrants communities and indigenous realities. She is currently exploring the field of visual Anthropology as a researching and narrative tool. Her research interests range from life narratives, music, minorities, indigenous and migration studies.

Marcel El-Metwally

Marcel El-Metwally is a director, filmmaker and photographer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Marcel graduated in social psychology at Utrecht University and is currently studying Visual Ethnography at Leiden University. In recent years he has been focusing on sociopolitical relevant issues by combining the knowledge he obtained by studying social psychology, his work experience in media production and techniques of visual ethnography.

Zoi-Danai Tzamtzi

Zoi-Danai Tzamtzi graduated from the Department of Music Studies of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, with an expertee in the field of Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology. Zoi is currently exploring the field of Visual Anthropology and how it can be related to the study of music as a cultural phenomenon. Her research interests are mostly focused on music and politics, soundscape, and labor in the arts. Aditionally, she plays the classical guitar and traditional percussion.