A song for Epirus

Epirus, province of Pogoni, on the borderline with Albania. Emigration and a sense of death scattered in the air, in the light. Few are left. Human figures that look as if they were part of the landscape. In a place surrounded by mountains: polyphonic songs. The silences, the pauses between the voices and the music that stream out of the soil. Through the cross of personal voices, that of parti, giristi, klosti and isocrati, a collective harmony emerges. The film strives to grasp the rhythm of the soul of Epirus.

Panos Karkanevatos

Panos was born in Serres in 1962. He studied Cinematograpgy in Greece and abroad. He is founding member of the Hellenic Film Academy. He creates fiction films and documentaries as a director, screen writer and producer. His work has been awarded in Greece and abroad and has been presented at many international festivals, including universities, cultural istitutions and museums in Europe and overseas, the Museum of Modern Art in NewYork and Harvard University. He has worked with European organizations, such as Eurimages-Council of Europe,Creative Europe, Hambourg Film Fund as well as TV channels (ARTE, ZDF, NDR, RTBF, Channel 4).