A remedy for the envy

This short documentary film explores one traditional spiritual phenomenon that has undergone a lot of changes the last years in Greece, in terms of belief and practice. The “evil eye” and all the myths and stories around it can be approached and perceived through many different perspectives. Many intriguing questions about different aspects of human interaction and institutions in the Greek Culture and Society, such as industry, religion, family, medicine and much more, arouse from the narratives of people, we were interviewing about that folklore topic. Considered as a superstition by most of them, the „evil eye“ still remains a deep part of the Greek Culture and brings up admiration and fear in their narrations about the “unknown” – even in the young generations.

Nektaria Kapsala

Nektaria Kapsala finished her studies in Psychology at the University of Crete in Rethymnon during which she came in first contact with research and its intriguing means and processes. Visual Ethnography as one of them for interacting with the people around and exploring research interests is a new but really interesting way for her to continue wandering around the topics of body, different types of embodimentamong different ages and identities and how they are being perceived among different cultures, institutions and societies.

Mark Lindenberg

Mark is currently studying the Master program Visual Ethnography at the University Leiden in order to gain anthropological knowledge and experience to complement his work as a filmmaker. He graduated from his bachelor degree Cinematography at the Dutch Film Academy in 2013 and has been working in film since. At the moment he is working on his thesis about plant diets in the Peruvian Amazon and their grow of popularity around the globe. Topics of interest are: medical anthropology, plant medicine, shamanism, witchcraft, spirituality and religion.

Marion Reichstaler

Marion studied Social Work at the University for Applied Science in Feldkirchen, Carinthia, where she was working with young people and Youth at Risk in India, Germany and Austria. After, she continued her Master ́s in Social- and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna, where she was doing her first Ethnografic Filmmaking expierences – “How we Work” (2018) / “Loneliness in the City” (Ethnocineca Vienna 2019). At the moment she is doing her exchange year at the University of Bern, Switzerland, where she finally found her connection and deep joy to the subject of Visual Anthropology and Ethnografic Filmmaking.
She is always looking for the amazing and beautiful within.