Boobs…. Sweet stories, bitter stories, with a beginning, without an end. We experience them, we think about them but rarely do we hear them. Women and men share personal stories about breasts. The big story…Breast cancer. A woman is telling her story about her boobs and cancer.

Boobs urge us to communicate, to share our thoughts, our fears and hopes.

Agnes Sklavou & Stelios Tatakis

Agnes Sklavou was born in London, Stelios Tatakis in Athens. She studied French Literature at Kapodistrian University and Film directing at Stavrakos Film School and he studied film lighting at Stavrakos Film School. For over 25 years they work in movies, television and advertising. Since 2004 they have produced and directed indie short-movies and documentaries. They have received several national and international awards for their documentaries.