The Athens Ethnographic Film Festival, held annually each November, presents the best ethnographic films of each year, i.e. short and feature-length anthropological documentaries which are the product of research conducted by scientist of visual anthropology or relative fields. It also organizes Q&A’s with directors, seminars and talks with academics and accomplished professionals, as well as workshops for social anthropology students.

Visual anthropology is a constantly evolving field and severely under-represented in Greek academia, thus the Festival is essentially the only platform for such works as well as a meeting place for lecturers, researchers and students. Our valuable partners include the Ministry of Culture and Sport, University of Panteion, the British Film Institute, the Institut Français de Grèce, the Netherlands Institute at Athens, the Documentary Educational Resources (DER), Goldsmiths University and the University of Manchester, as well as the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The Festival’s aim is to maintain its status as one of the most original and creative events in the city’s cultural file, wishing to introduce the best works of visual anthropology to an audience which would not have the opportunity to discover them otherwise. It is also our ambition to further rally and support the academic community, especially the young directors, by showcasing their films, creating a support network (workshops, networking meetings) as well as educating future scientists with our internship programme.

The sections open for submission for the 10th Athens Ethnographic Film Festival – Ethnofest are:

Student films

The most interesting aspect of postgraduate degrees on Visual Anthropology (or related programmes like visual sociology, visual culture) is the fact that students need to submit a film as part of their thesis and not a typical dissertation. These films often are pioneering, bold and incisive projecting the future of visual ethnography and in general of social sciences.

In this section of the festival, we present a selection of student films from all over the world.


In this section, we invite, explore and showcase the forefront in ethnographic, anthropological and social science filmmaking created by established filmmakers as well as by new talents.

Panorama is an outlook on the state of contemporary ethnographic cinema.

Filmic Experiments in Ethnography

The aim of this section is to present films that experiment with the mediums, forms, narrative techniques and practices of ethnographic filmmaking. These films create new visual and sensorial experiences and provide new pathways to anthropological analyses.

Themed Section. Contested gentrification in times of change: from social economy to aggressive urban development

Wishing to initiate a dialogue on the value and relevance of visual anthropological perspectives on contemporary social life, the Festival introduced a themed section of screenings relating to social issues and visual/anthropological viewpoints about them. These screenings underline the significance of documenting and analyzing the contemporary social reality and its topical aspects.

In 2019 the Themed Section is curated by the Festival’s team under the co-ordination of our scientific advisor, Pafsanias Karathanasis. This year’s theme comes as a response to the increasing changes in Athens. Over the past couple of years, gentrification and touristification have become pressing issues for the city, changing the everydayness of its inhabitants. In an attempt to draw the public and academic attention to the different localizations of “gentrification” across Europe and the rest of the world, the call for films aims to explore experiences and effects of urban development processes in contemporary urban lives, and the sociopolitical reactions to them. We are particularly interested in films from around the globe which address phenomena of gentrification, touristification, short-stay real estate development and the aestheticization of the city, with regard to issues such as the commodification of peer to peer platforms, the housing crisis in contemporary metropolises and displacement, but also with respect to the contestations these processes cause.

Organized by the Athens Anthropological Society – Ethnofest

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Yannis Papadakis – PROJECT TITLING

The Athens Ethnographic Film Festival continues the exploration of the world through anthropology and image and is announcing a call for films made by anthropologists (or specialists with related background), including students’ works submitted as dissertations or as assignments.

The Athens Ethnographic Film Festival is looking for:

– student films made by anthropologists (or scientists from relevant academic fields) as a dissertation or as a part of their dissertation.

– films made by anthropologists (or scientists from relevant academic fields) who resume their cinematic pursuits after their postgraduate or doctorate studies.

– films made by professional filmmakers or film school students in collaboration with anthropologists or other social scientists at any stage of the production.

Eligible are the films produced within the last three years. The submission deadline is May 31st 2019. Please read Ethnofest’s terms and conditions and fill in the entry form (you can find them both here). We are looking forward to receiving your films!

*The 10th Athens Ethnographic Film Festival – Ethnofest will take place from 27th November to 4th December 2019.