Ethnofest at Photometria International Photography Festival 2018

Friday May 11th, 2018

The Athens Ethnographic Film Festival – Ethnofest will participate in the programme of Photometria International Photography Festival 2018, in the framework of the screenings’ section with the subject “Why do we Photograph?”. Photometria International Photography Festival is organized by NGO “Entefxis” for the 10th year in Ioannina. It’s the first interactive Photography Festival and this year’s theme is “Here We Are!”.

Ethnofest’s contribution to the Festival consists of screenings of ethnographic films that are directly linked to photography and were presented at the Kythera Photographic Encounters 2017. The selection of the screenings is curated by Christos Varvantakis, Head of Programming at Ethnofest.

The films that are going to be screened are:

What Has to Be Photographed! (Germany, Yemen, 2011)

Director: Irina Linke

Language: English

Running time: 13′

Visit to a photographer’s studio in Sanaa (Yemen). It is here that family photos are taken, which are meant for the walls of the living room for friends and strangers to see. We are in the middle of this making, between painted d?cor and sceneries of faraway places. The people between the architectural elements and the draped plush toys are not so different from those who had themselves immortalized by the European studio photography in the 19th century, except for one thing: the absent women!

Framing the Other (Netherlands, 2011)

Directors: Ilja Kok, Willem Timmers

Languages: English, Mursi

Running time: 25′

The Mursi tribe resides in the basin of the Omo River, in the east African state of Ethiopia. Mursi women are known for placing large plates in their lower lips and wearing enormous, richly decorated earrings, which has become a subject of tourist attraction in recent years. Each year, hundreds of Western tourists come to see the unusually adorned natives; posing for camera-toting visitors has become the main source of income for the Mursi.

How to Build a Kamra-e-faoree / How to Use a Kamra-e-faoree (Afghanistan, 2012)

Directors: Sean Folley, Lukas Birk

Language: English

Running time: 9′ and 8′

“Afghan Box Camera” documents a living form of photography on the brink of disappearing in Afghanistan, one of the last places on earth where photographers have continued to use a simple type of instant camera called the kamra-e-faoree (“instant camera”) for means of making a living. The hand-made wooden camera is both camera and darkroom in one and generations of Afghans have had their portraits taken with it, usually for identity photographs. At one stage it was even outlawed the Taliban banned photography forcing photographers to hide or destroy their tools. In this film, Manawar Shah, a young carpenter in Kabul, is building such a camera.

The screenings will take place on Tuesday, May 29th, at 21:00 and the entrance is free.


*You can read more about the Festival here.

*Photo: Still from the film “How to use a Kamra-e-faoree” by Sean Folley and Lukas Birk.